How to Write a Perspective and Opinion Article

A perspective, or opinion article as the ideas flow logically, the author is free not to follow a strict structure. However, these articles have an introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Introduction. The introduction provides background information and usually includes a brief review of the literature. The thesis or statement of purpose is presented towards the end of the introduction.

Main Body. The logical flow of the argument is of utmost importance in a perspective, or opinion article. The author should ensure that each paragraph supports the thesis statement and builds on the previous paragraph. Paragraph headings may be added if required.

Conclusion. The conclusion summarizes the arguments provided in the body paragraphs and supports the thesis. Implications of the proposed ideas or opinions are discussed, future directions for research are proposed, and drawbacks or limitations are mentioned.

There should be clear transitions between introduction, each of body paragraphs, and conclusion.